FUFU Fitness Equipment for Home Gym Chest Expander, Power Twister Exercise Bar Adjustable Resistance for Upper Body Arm Strengthen Home Gym Fitness for Home Fitness & Weight Loss.

Price: $89.64
(as of Jun 19,2021 08:20:40 UTC – Details)

A new fitness innovation that provides a full abdominal workout in one portable exerciser.Choose from different exercises to enjoy trim,toned abs as well as stronger hips,thighs,legs,arms,pectorals,and a flab-free new physique.
LET’S BUILT YOUR HEALTH & BEAUTIFUL LIFE FROM HERE! Strengths Benefits : Improve performance in sports where your body are the most involved: weightlifting, rock climbers/ wall climbing, bodybuilders, martial arts, golfers, surfers, tennis, basketball, baseball players and so much more! Great training tool for strengthening, musicians, gamers, massage therapists or pregnant mom’s who need to increase or improve hand grip. People needing to do physical therapy, endurance, and strength building exercises. Beautiful and ergonomic design, anti-slip handles fitting any hand size.
In most of all the daily basis tasks, your hands are involved . Exercise while watching tv, at your office, in your travels or outdoor activities! Build Strong Arms and body !! Anytime , Anywhere!!

Product Name: Multi-function grip
Product grade: engineering plastics, wire springs, steel pipes
Recommended crowd: fitness men and women
Adjustable range: 30/40/50/60kg
Single arm length: 23cm
Combined total length: 48cm
Handle: 12cm
Weight: about 2.2kg
Before using,perform some warm-up exercises to prepare your body for the training.After using,perform some cool-down exercises to stretch the muscles that you have exercised to avoid possible discomfort later.

GET SEXY ABS IN JUST 8 MINUTES A DAY: machine is scientifically designed to combine 8 muscle-burning exercises in 8 minutes a day for one amazingly effective machine! Effortlessly track your burned calories
ADJUSTABLE HAND EXERCISER KIT: Great trainer tool to develop your grip and build strength in your fingers, wrists ,forearms,rear arms,chest ,shoulder and back.| Improve arm flexibility and muscularity | Recommended for physical therapy !
EASY & SAFE ADJUSTABLE:With a safty magnetic lock, you can set the resistance from30kg,40kg,50kg,60kg,This will let you adjust the resistance that match your ability , you can increase the tension as you gain strength | Perfect for athletes, gymnastics, boxing and people that do rock climbing, fitness, crossfit , golf, tennis , bodybuilding | Sports where your arms strength, coordination and control are required.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN : Fit large and small hands, men and women and above 18years teens help them build the health & beautiful life.
GRIP STRENGTHENING :Great equipment trainer for anyone who is recovering from hand injury | Those who have rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow.

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