Equipment Home Gym Rowing Machines for Home Use, Hydraulic Rower Trainer Indoor Rower Bench Abdominal Fitness Equipment, 4 Levels of Resistance Adjustment, LCD Display, Maximum Load 120kg, Home Gym

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A rowing machine is a machine used to simulate water rowing for training purposes. The rowing machine has a good effect on the muscle strengthening of the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back. Each stroke, the upper limbs, lower limbs, waist, abdomen, and back will complete a complete contraction and extension during the process, which can achieve a full-body muscle aerobic exercise effect. Especially for people with a lot of fat on the waist, abdomen and upper arm, the rowing exercise will bring you an unexpected body shaping effect.
HD instrument visualization. Parameters such as times / time / heat are displayed.
Four gear adjustment strength.
360 ° flexible swing armrest.
Suction cup foot cover, grip suction cup foot cover, stabilize the center of gravity of the rower, strengthen the overall stability, and improve the safety factor.
The hydraulic buffer bar is beneficial to the stretching of muscles and bones and strengthens the muscle contraction function of various parts.

Name: 360 ° hydraulic rowing machine
Material: Low carbon steel

1x Rowing machine

Exercise effect:
When rowing, every flexion and extension of the arm stroke can exercise about 90% of the extensor muscles, so it is really beneficial for the extensors that usually do not participate in any exercise. At the same time, it also has obvious effects on the exercise of the back muscles, which allows the spine to have a greater range of movement between the forward flexion and the backward extension of the body, so that each joint of the spine can be exercised. This not only improves the elasticity of the muscle, but also enhances its toughness.
When practicing rowing, you should pay attention to the continuity of the movements. There should be no pauses in each pedaling movement, and it must be in place. If the amplitude is too small, the muscles involved in the exer

【Simulation rowing machine】: family fitness humanized paddle design, easily enjoy the rowing action, effectively stretch the whole body muscles. Allows you to achieve the purpose of fitness while enjoying the pleasure of boating.
【Hydraulic lever resistance adjustment】: The hydraulic buffer lever protects the joints, 4 levels of adjustment strength, the resistance gradually increases from bottom to top, and the resistance gradually decreases from top to bottom!
【Multi-function screen】: Multi-function display screen, which can display moving time, total times, and calorie consumption, to take you to enjoy scientific exercise.
【No noise】: the rowing device takes up very little space and can be folded and stored at the bottom or corner of the bed when not in use. Buffered latex tube for safe buffering, shock absorption and silence, family and neighbors do not disturb
【Humanized design】: Large anti-skid foot cover is more stable and safe; anti-skid soft seat cushion, ergonomic design; anti-skid pedal, safety strap, safe movement,

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